Decker’s Nursery is proud to be propagators for PlantHaven®‘s Shrub Program.  This program brings you the tested, colorful, high quality plants you expect from PlantHaven®‘s annuals and perennials but with shrubs.

We are proud to offer both PlantHaven® liners and finished plants.

Berberis ‘Admiration’ (USPP 16921)

Berberis ‘Golden Rocket’ (USPP 18626)

Berberis ‘Orange Rocket’   (USPP 18411)

Berberis ‘Rosy Rocket’   (USPP 18413)

Berberis ‘Tiny Gold’    (USPP 17084)

Buxus Golden Dream   (USPP 16052 – ‘Peergold’)

Buxus Uptight (USPP 21390 – ‘Robbuxupt’)

Hibiscus ‘CARPA’

Hibiscus Rose Moon (PPAF – ‘Walhirosmo’)

Physocarpus Lady In Red  (USPP 18660 – ‘Tuilad’)

Spirea Magic Carpet  (USPP 9363 – ‘Walbuma’)

Thuja Highlights (USPP 21967 – ‘Janed Gold’)

Viburnum American Spice (USPP 17751 – ‘Duvone’)

Weigela ‘Dark Horse’ (USPP 14381)

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